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‚ÄčQ: When are projects and submissions due in the KGHS program?
A: There are no time limits in the program. Schools are encouraged to participate at their own pace.
Q: Are there any fees to participate in KGHS?
A: No. KGHS is offered as a resource to Kentucky students and teachers by the Commonwealth and is completely free of charge.
Q: Where do I submit the Project Form?
A: All KGHS submissions are made by email to the KGHS coordinator at KGHS@ky.gov.

Q: How do I get my school profile on the KGHS website?
A: Send your school information to the KGHS coordinator at KGHS@ky.gov. You can include up to three pictures. It is the responsiblity of the teacher to ensure all students pictured have a photo release on file with the school.
Q: Where can I find help and support in completing a project?
The KGHS coordinator is a resource to you. The coordinator can help you connect to experts various fields, grant opportunities, materials, and help you make submissions for your school. You can contact the KGHS coordinator at (502) 564-5937.