Program Overview

In the Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools program, students and staff work together to investigate baseline conditions, and then implement projects to improve the health, safety, and environmental sustainability of their schools. Schools interested in participating in KGHS should visit the Join KGHS page and complete a school pledge.

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After joining KGHS, your school will:

  1. Form a Green Team
  2. Choose a KGHS Category
  3. Complete an Improvement Project and report results
  4. Receive recognition

1. Form a Green Team

First, the school should establish a Green Team. The team should include a core group of students and a variety of people in your learning community, such as teachers, maintenance workers, cafeteria staff, administrators, and members of the general community. This is very flexible! Some schools conduct the program through an afterschool program or club, and others have entire grade levels working on the program. Chose what works best for you and your school.

2. Choose a Category 

Nine KGHS categoriesThere are nine categories in the KGHS program. Schools complete the categories at their own pace. Some schools complete just one a year, while others do two or three categories at a time. The pace of the program is up to each school.
Instructional Leadership should be completed in the program's first year. Other than that, the categories can be completed at any time and in any order. 

3. Complete an Improvement Project and report results 

The Instructional Leadership category is completed by teachers and administrators using the Teacher Project Form.

For all other categories, the Improvement Project is guided by the Student Project Form, which supports instruction based on the Next Generation Science Standards as adopted by Kentucky. Completion of the Student Project Form includes documentation of the student-led investigation, project design and project implementation.


4. Receive recognition 

Completing categories makes schools eligible for awards at the annual summit.

KGHS Documents

There is now only one short form to complete for each category: the Project Form.
Project Form
The simplified Student Project Form is used for all categories other than Instructional Leadership, which has its own Teacher Project Form.
Teacher Guides (Optional)
For the eight categories other than Instructional Leadership, there are optional teacher guides which include questions, contacts, project ideas, and other resources to supplement student initiatives.
You may download the guides here:
NOTE: To view the Project Forms and Teacher Guides, you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader.  
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Program Overview