Why Join KGHS?

KGHS is a way to use the entire school grounds as a learning environment.  This often involves getting students up and moving, outside, and participating in hands-on, service-learning activities.  Through efficiency and health and safety improvements, KGHS can also save your school significant amounts of money.
Some examples of how your students can benefit from this program include:
Efficiency improvements: Efficiency improvements in water, electricity, and transportation usage all result in cost avoidance for schools. By taking several small behavioral steps, schools can save significant sums of money.
Indoor air quality improvements: Asthma is directly linked to indoor air quality. Schools with better indoor air quality have been shown to have better student and teacher attendance, and lower teacher turnover rates (saving your school money!)
Development of outdoor classrooms:  Research shows that the more students are outdoors and use the environment to learn, the more engaged and healthy they are. Students who spend more time outdoors have also been shown to experience less stress and suffer from fewer or less severe ADHD symptoms.
Student and school recognition: In KGHS, students and schools are recognized for their projects at a Summit each May.  Schools are also asked to submit profile information for the website that will be displayed on the School Status page.



Please follow the below links to see the research that describes the benefits of environmental education and outdoor education for students, teachers, and families. 

Making The Case For Green Schools (PDF 304K) , by Kentuckian Chuck Effinger


​Teacher Testimonials


"It has been a wonderful experience as a teacher and it has truly benefited my students and our school community."
-Christina Emerson, North MS
"This has been a wonderful experience for our school, our students, and our community!"
-Nakia Brown, Wingo ES