Henry Clay HS

Henry Clay High School was the first KY high school to complete the KGHS program in May 2009.  HCHS Go Green Club’s culminating project was a 600 sq ft rain garden on campus that serves the runoff from the teacher parking lot.  Other school improvement projects included three dedicated student carpooling spots on campus; an annual Health & Safety Expo featuring local experts on local foods, asthma, and allergens; semi-annual electronic recycling drives; school-wide compulsory and volunteer energy conservation initiatives; smoke detectors installed in the student restrooms; and widespread campus native flower landscaping.  

In May 2010, Henry Clay became the first KY high school to earn the distinction of Model KGHS.  During the 09-10 school year in addition to continuing the initiatives from 09-10, Henry Clay’s Go Green Club built a second 600 sq ft rain garden to serve the student parking lot, maintained six classroom vermicomposts, donated dozens of CFLs to faculty and students, built and donated two rain barrels to area schools and mentored Athens Chilesburg Elementary through the beginning stages of KGHS.