Montessori MS of Kentucky

The Montessori Middle School of Kentucky (MMSK) continues to be dedicated to sustainability-oriented curriculum.  Students have studied Health & Nutrition, Gardening, and Animal Husbandry, emphasizing the importance local food and a balanced diet. 
In addition to formal curriculum, students started a Waste Reduction Committee as a result of the Fall Dumpster Dive (part of the Waste Bu​sters program).  Upon identifying lunch waste as the best area of opportunity, students have been emphasizing waste-free lunches and will complete future dumpster dives to analyze the progress in this area.
MMSK students have also constructed a second rain garden to reduce the amount of runoff created from roof surfaces on the school property.  With the support of a local garden club, students planted native landscaping in the front of the building.

Regarding recycling & reuse, students participated in the "Cans for Cash" program and received 1st place in the school category.  Participants continue to recycle aluminum cans; the cans pay for a portion of the school yearbook cost.  

Finally, the Green Spaces inventory and improvement project for the Kentucky Green & Healthy Schools have been submitted and the recommendations are being implemented.  This includes the native landscaping, planting of a bur oak tree, addition of some indoor plants to some of the classrooms, and continued removal of invasive bush honeysuckle from the school property.