Wingo ES

Because Wingo Elementary is an official Kentucky Green & Healthy school, students were chosen to participate in a pilot project with Earth Force.  Wingo ES was one of only four schools in the United States to participate in the project.

The project was Charting the Future: Young People Act on Climate Change.  Students have researched, studied, and presented Climate Change in Kentucky and shared their findings with the local community leaders.  Representatives from Wingo ES traveled to Denver, CO to share at a Peer Learning Exchange where the students created a Charter of Responsibilities for the United States.  Wingo team members met nine other students from around the US as well as several from the Earth Force team.

Wingo students also attended the International Youth Conference for Climate Change in Brazil. A group of twelve youth delegates from the United States participated, three of which were from Wingo.  In Brazil, the students joined 600 youth from around the world to share about Climate Change and helped write an International Charter of Responsibilities. 

This was such a wonderful opportunity! And all this came about because Wingo was nominated by the Murray State Department of Environmental Education because the school is a KY Green and Healthy School!