KGHS Summit and Awards Process

Photo of students receiving KGHS awards

Each year, participating schools are invited to attend the KGHS Summit. The summit offers students the opportunity to display their work in KGHS, network with other students from across the state, share green and healthy ideas, and also be recognized for their work at their schools.
As schools complete projects in each of the nine categories in the KGHS program, they become eligible for awards. Awards are presented each year at the Summit.
Note: This event is held in conjunction with the KY NEED Student Awards Ceremony.  Schools participating in either or both programs are invited to attend.

KGHS Awards Process (Existing Schools)

As schools complete projects in each of the nine KGHS categories, they become eligible for awards.
Candidate School

Award: Certificate 

  • Submit Pledge Form
  • Complete KGHS Teacher Training
  • Complete at least one of the nine KGHS categories


School in Progress

 Award: Plaque 

  • Complete two new KGHS categories (for a total of three different categories completed)

 *One of the first three categories completed must be Instructional Leadership.

School Under Development
 Award: Banner 
  • Complete three new KGHS categories (for a total of six different categories completed)
Official Kentucky Green & Healthy School
Award: Flag 
  • Complete three new KGHS categories (for a total of nine different categories completed)
Model Kentucky Green and Healthy School
Award: Model plaque with year plates 
  • Revisit at least one category per school year and submit a new Project Report Form for at least one new project.
  • Model schools agree to mentor another school, teacher(s), or group of students. For example, a teacher mentoring another teacher who is new to the KGHS program and wants to develop a composting program, or older students working with the elementary school to establish and support a recycling program.
2018 Summit Information 
The 2018 Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools and Kentucky NEED Project Youth Summit and Awards Luncheon will be held on April 26 at the Lexington Convention Center.
The deadline to complete projects and submit project forms is March 30.
The deadline to submit the registration form is April 13.
KGHS schools can attend even if they have not completed a project during the school year.
If you have any questions about the Summit, please contact KEEC at​.