KGHS Summit and Awards Process


Students from multiple schools during the Awards Luncheon at the Summit (photo by Elizabeth McNulty)


Each year in April, participating schools are invited to attend the KGHS and Kentucky NEED Youth Summit and Awards Luncheon. This event offers students the opportunity to display their work in KGHS, network with other students from across the state, share green and healthy ideas, and also be recognized for their work at their schools. is held in conjunction with the KY NEED is held in conjunction with the Kentucky NEED Project, which focuses on energy education. 

KGHS Awards Process (Updated in 2017)

As schools complete projects in each of the KGHS categories, they receive awards. Below is an explanation of KGHS program status, requirements, and awards. 

Kentucky Green and Healthy School

  • Submit Pledge Form
  • Complete the Teacher Project Form
Award: Plaque
  • Complete the Student Project Form for a category

Award: Category plate 


Model Kentucky Green and Healthy School

  • All KGHS categories completed
Award: Flag and year plate
  • Each year, complete a new project in any category

Award: Year plate 

2020 Summit Information 
The 2020 Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools and Kentucky NEED Project Youth Summit and Awards Luncheon will be held on April 23rd at the Embassy Suites in Lexington.
The deadline to complete projects and submit project forms is March 30th.
The deadline to submit the registration form is April 15th.
KGHS schools can attend even if they have not completed a project during the school year.
If you have any questions about the Summit, please contact KEEC at​.